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Walk with Volunteer - Emigration Museum / Sobotnie spacery z wolontariuszem-przewodnikiem

cze 25

piątek, godz. 16:00

Gdynia, Świętojańska 9
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Are you looking for an interesting place in Tricity? Welcome to best slavic museum – Emigration Museum! Join free guided tour around our permanent exhibition in English!

Every third Saturday of the month at 11.00 am.
Our volounteer will be waiting for you at the ticket office.
The tour is free of charge but every visitor needs to obtain an entrance ticket first. The walk will take approximately 1.5 hours.
Since the number of participants is limited, registration is required via: or phone: 58 670 41 61.

Volunteer guides of the Emigration Museum are a varied group of individuals with one thing in common - a passion for talking about history. Every one of them went through training courses conducted by professional guides and lecturers. They learned not only the history of emigration and the concept behind the permanent exhibition of the Emigration Museum, but also about body language and public speaking. Everything to help them create their own style of tour guiding. The Emigration Museum pays particular attention to the accessibility of the exhibition for the disabled, and that’s why the training also provided the skills necessary in this respect.

Permanent exhibition in Emigration Museum tells the history of emigration from the Polish lands from the 19th century all the way up to the present.It recounts the stories of Poles who emigrated at various periods, to various places and for various reasons. The narrative begins with the Great Emigration, through the Industrial Revolution, mass emigration to the United States, life in the Brazilian jungle, society in Chicago, the dramatic fate of people during and after World War Two, the difficult years of the Polish People's Republic, and ends in modern times with Poland joining the European Union. The exhibition allows you to feel and understand what it meant to emigrate, it shows us the reality of a sea crossing for 3rd class passengers - from the moment of embarkation, through the voyage itself, both on and below deck, all the way to the immigration procedures on the famous Ellis Island in the United States. Among the many attractions that await visitors, there is a large multimedia installation ofa globe dedicated to the Polish presence in the world, and the "Batory Under Construction" project, which features the world's largest model of a passenger ship.

Informacja o biletach

Since the number of participants is limited, registration is required via: or phone: 58 670 41 61.
Z uwagi na ograniczoną liczbę miejsc zachęcamy do wcześniejszej rezerwacji: lub tel. 58 670 41 61


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