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When the bass drops and the confetti blows up: MEUTE breaks the code. The Techno Marching Band combines hypnotic driving techno and expressive brass band music, freeing electronic music from the DJ desk and overhauling the image of marching bands.

lis 25

czwartek, godz. 20:00

bilety 69- 89 zł
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sty 29

sobota, godz. 21:00

bilety 99 zł
przedsprzedaż 79 zł
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They started as an experiment and evolved to a world-acclaimed phenomenon in a minimum of time. Just drums and brass, no computers involved, this is all they need to revolutionize techno music and bring it back to its roots at the same time.

jazz - koncerty w Trójmieście

The eleven musicians in their iconic red jackets have managed to spread their love for hand- made electronic music all over the planet. The videos of their impromptu street gigs regularly attract millions of views.

After more then 300 concerts on four continents the band invites to unveil a world of electronic indulgence.

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